Specs and Friends

“We both hated you at the time so we didn’t really see what was so wrong with shagging and b**ching about you after.”


University for me was never really my cup of tea, but as is the custom, I went diligently in an effort to find my path to greatness.

During my journey there, I met a guy who wore specs, was shorter then me, dressed mmmmmm lets just leave that alone for today :D, and talked to much for my liking and taste πŸ˜€ (I know πŸ˜€ I thought I could be refined and cultured but behold, the bih is here)

Anyway, we met at some school poetry slam, I think, and we chatted here and there for a few months after. During this conversing period, he, on multiple occasions,Β  asked me to be his girlfriend, to which I promptly responded , “We will never work out, let it go.”


Now, let me add, I am the type who will only say something once and if I find that I am repeating myself, I tend to result to actions in an effort get the point across.

These actions may not always be in the other persons favor, but that’s why I warn people about me the first day we meet.


So after months of saying no and getting bored with the constant repetition because he wouldn’t listen, I decided to say yes. Not because he had worn me down and I was starting to see an attraction, but because I thought it better to show him then repeat myself one more time.

We dated for three months if I remember correctly.

He, unfortunately for him, was nowhere near my type or speed so I didn’t give him what people in relationships give each other, you know, time, patience bla bla bla and am sure if you asked him today he would scream from the mountain top that IΒ  mistreated’ him .


But I ask you this, if someone says no to you more than once wouldn’t it make senseΒ  for you to take there word for it and not b**ch about it afterwards because your imagination was not fulfilled? Anywayyyyyy……………..


The months passed and even with all the mistreatment (someone call Maendeleo ya Wanaume πŸ˜€ ) , he persevered until finally I just told him to be free because he deserved someone who will give him those things I wasn’t interested in giving him.

This of course was taken like a sword through Jon Snows heart (which made me weep for my lost ‘love’ πŸ˜€ )but obviously with him I moved on just fine. ( πŸ˜€ I know, I know, but but better the truth than some poppycock again!)


Now it had now been a year or so since the ‘3 month long incident’ that I saw someone I had considered a friend.

We had gone through a hiatus of not speaking and the apologies flew around and the hugging commenced with much excitement when she said, “Babe I have to tell you something…………I slept with specs.”

Being that I didn’t give two fudges about him really I didn’t care but she went, ” You were so right OMMMMMMMGGGGGG he’s so boring! T

he only thing we did was shag and b**ch about you but don’t get mad, it’s not like were speaking at the time and it’s not like you really liked him so it’s not like it was that bad.”

As she chuckled at her ‘awesomeness’ with all the fudging likes, I stared at her.

It was then that I realized that I realized, the universe will give you the same lesson in different versions. Until you master it you’ll get the same BS over and over again for that is the nature of reality.



A Short Story

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Sorry been away, had a move and some stuff to do but am back πŸ™‚ and more fired up then ever. #TheBihisBack