Conversations with God



Extraterrestrial Climaxing


Unmentionable Thoughts

Do you think if people knew how their behavior affected someone they would choose to act differently?


Have you ever had someone reach out to you, but you decided to be a btch cause you were feeling extra special that day?

Have you ever had someone reach out to you with love and you treat them like they were nothing but the muck underneath your shoe?

People are quick to want to be back in your life but never have the same urgency when the shoe is on the other foot.

All my life i have extended a hand out, forgiven those that broke my soul, put others ahead of my God and each time ….


When did being pure, giving of yourself, when did honest become needy? When did showing your scars become too much or whiney? When did we lose love?


In more ways I understand suicide, and in more ways I fell through it,and even now I sense it, my old friend……..


………… and still never will those who felt better thn me when they aren’t. never will they understand that maybe, just maybe if they let go of their ego, if they choose to stop being superficial  maybe they could have saved my soul.


But they don’t and to live in a world so beaten seems not worth the hurt.