The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
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The Hyenas {Part Two}

I had resigned myself to death.

The earth that was our grave would become our final resting place. The earth where me and my siblings played about with clay and mama would clean the hut and fetch water with her friends would be our final resting place.

But as I closed my eyes ready to leave this plane, I felt it before I saw its face.

It pierced my foot with such intensity the pain woke me up from my slumber.

It gripped tight, much tighter then when mama would grab me to give me a beaten before bed. These were teeth is what I could gather in my incoherent state. Teeth much different from when Adeben, my brother, bite into my flesh that day I beat him swimming across the lake.

This felt like that except I felt evil instead.

I cleaned my eyes the best I could and strained to see the animal that dragged me to my death. From the laughter and snickering I heard from the east and west, I realized it was the hyenas that played along the forbidden path in May.

The Coffin {Part One}

I remember as a child how I would be mesmerized when mama sang to me as I suckled on her breast.

She always had one hand ensuring I balanced on her lap, and the other stirring the pot of porridge which the older children would have. I loved how she always peaked down at me with a smile and laugh and nuzzled my little nose as her voice shook the hut.

But now, as my weight pressed down on her, the lovely smell that once soothed me to sleep was now replaced with the scent of debwalo, that which we call the final release.

A few moons past, the white men came through our path. They had funny hats and talked in a way that made the little ones laugh but one think was for sure to those that were in charge, they looked just like the gwongo (spirits) those who hide along the forbidden path.

The white men shook the huts, went through our lands and demanded the chief give up all that we had and when they were met with defiance from our warriors who took stand, they vowed to come back for what they knew they couldn’t have.

I remember as a child how my papa would pick me up off the ground and spin me around.

He was strong because of how well he worked the lands and he was mighty because how many fights he had under his arm.

My papa was my everything and as his cold hands now lay a few inches away from my broken arm and the soil they pour over our corpses sinks into my wounded gash, I knew paradise was gone and it would no longer return to our lands.


Part Three

Deja: The Ministers Daughter

As I felt the metal penetrate deeper and deeper into my skull I knew I had taken it too far.

Chad was a spoilt brat from high school who tried everything he could to get me and I loved it.

The way he watched me, followed me around like a puppy, he was the thing that every girl drooled over but he only drooled over me.

When I first saw him at the freshman mixer, all the memories came back and for a moment I was glad he was here.

For me, Chad represented a form of entertain that broke the monotonous role my parents forced onto me from the time I could say my first words.  He excited me with his obsession and maybe you could say, he was mine as well.

So when we made our stop at the petrol station and I saw that stupid boy checking me out, I saw it as an opportunity to spice things up but I didn’t think he would go off the handle.

All I wanted to do was to rile him up and watch him get hot under the collar. I wanted to see his anger and have him put me in my place. I wanted my parents to hear about it and rack their brains. I wanted……



Part Two

Chad: Freshman

We had been driving for a while when I noticed the cop a few cars back.

“What did you do?”

When I first spotted Deja at the freshmen mixer I knew that that was the chance I had dreamed of all through high-school.

Back then, you could say, my good looks got in the way.

Having all the girls fuss over me and not to mention having a father who was basically the right hand to the president, I was prime real estate for any lucky girl! But that was never the case when it came to Deja.

No matter how much I tried, no matter how many lavish gifts I bought her she repeatedly taunted me then proceeded to dismiss me.

This, I later found, only fueled my desire for her.

“I asked you a question Deja. Please don’t make me repeat myself. You know I hate it when I have to repeat myself to you.”

So, when the time was ripe and she was alone by the bar, I straightened my blonde hair and walked towards her.

She pretended not to know me only to have me play the normal cat and mouse game she enjoyed so much until some senior stole her away. She had dismissed me again but only this time I was more than willing to play the game.

The mixer went by in a haze as I watched her with him.

I always loved the way her hair fell on her face and how her fingers twiddled and her lips perked when she was getting excited.

He took her hand and led her out the door later ending up at her apartment.



I loved watching her cum for him, how her cheeks turned rosy and her hair fiery. How she arched her back and gave in to him so easily. What a whore.

He later left her apartment around six in the morning and as she kissed him goodbye and started her run, I slowly took my turn just a few yards back.

In my head, I imagined we would have a lovely jog around and maybe even breakfast at The Yard, but when I tried to talk to her yet again, when I tried to show her who I was,

“Listen Chad…..don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re not my type that’s all. I mean you are pretty and all but I like men-men….haha… know muscles, beard, grungy rugged men?”

I like ‘men-men’.

Can you believe that C***.

The cop car was now catching up and the sirens were blaring and I knew this was gonna be one hell of a show.

“You know, I thought you were going to behave after our little chat last night Deja. You couldn’t just listen even when I put you in your place! Women!

“But don’t worry…… now…….now I’ll show you the real power of a man.”


Part One

Jerry: Petrol Station Clerk

My job at the petrol station left a lot to be desired.

Think about it, a small town where everyone knows everyone, life just seemed to blend together. So, for entertainment purposes, I turned to the numerous people that flooded our station on their way to the city.

I was stacking up the gum dispensary earlier that Wednesday, wondering what goodies I could sneak out of the joint, when in walked a young couple.

The girl, who I assumed must have been the popular type in high school, was mesmerizing.

Her red hair that glistened in the sun, her freckled face and body that could only have been sculpted by numerous rounds in the gym, left me reconsidering my stand on red heads. But far from that, there was something about her that seemed so familiar, but I couldn’t quiet place my finger on it.

While she was a rare beauty, her boyfriend, who held her waist and tucked her hair behind her ear when it got in her face, was even more mesmerizing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all types of straight, but he had the type of face that belonged in a GQ magazine and a frame that could only be found at a 300 movie set.

You could say such couples, for me, were the type I dreamt of but never got a chance to be a part of.

Anyway, she excused herself to go to the bathroom and from the look on his face he hated to be away from her. He hovered outside the door, glancing ever so slightly in my direction as I pretended to be engulfed with the gum dispensary, when she finally came out.

They had a brief discussion before he handed her some money to get tampons which, she presented to me at the till a minute later.

In the background, I could see her boyfriend quickly getting their snacks and rushing back just as I was putting the paper she slipped me under the counter.

I watched intently as he sniffed her neck and as I finished scanning their purchases I wondered,

would she would let me sniff her neck if I called her later in the day?

He placed his hand back on her waist and led her out the door as she looked back at me which only got me more excited.

Speeding away in his blue BMW, I finally mastered the courage to take out the paper which read: Call this number. 9027666574932, my name is Deja. This man has kidnapped me, PLEASE HELP!

….and that’s when it hit me!

She was the daughter to The Minister of National Defense, Gregory Mandly.


Part Two

The day I found them, all else ceased to exist and that day begun my journey into madness.

“Do you, Jessica take Jorge to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

Maria loved weddings.

I remember when it was us up there. The sun gleamed briefly in her eyes, her skin sparkled and her smile always left me weak.

My Maria.

Was I at fault for wanting to provide the best for my family?

Sure, the Mateo brothers were no cupcakes. Many would say that like their father, they possessed the charm to have you agree to your own death with just the blink of the eye.

But even so, couldn’t the saints just give me another chance since I had technically shed my old ways?

Do you Jorge take Jessica to be your lawfully wedded wife….”

I remember hearing once of someone lucky punto who was able to escape and lead a normal life. Farfetched as it may have seemed, I thought I would be just as lucky.

But as they say no one leaves the mob not even Punto Muerto.

(click, click)



The look on Jorge’s face as Jessica fell to her death gave away nothing.

He looked down at her stone faced. Her blood spluttered across his face, he gently laid a kiss on her lifeless lips laid her body down and as he turned his head to the left he smiled and that’s when we heard the second shot and saw him go down.