Set ups to Break ups: 1

Radio Silence

It was a Saturday morning and I was relieved that the weekend was here and thoughts of school were far away, at least for the time being anyway.

Form two, for me, was sort of a blur. I was a chubster (I don’t lie to myself 😀 neither did the pictures I burned :D), skipped school and went on adventures only teenage goth girls in malls knew.

Back then I was already fighting the system as God planned lol and taking no prisoners.

On that day mum was out at work and my sister was doing part of her chores when a text came in.

[bleep] “Tune into 98.4.”

Irritated, for I didn’t know the number, I reluctantly changed the station and on came the presenters voice, ” Marty would like to send a special shout out to his high school crush and forever dream girl listening right now! Coming up next for you is Shayne Ward, breathless, can you smell the love in the air….”

At that point, if I wasn’t coated in all this melanin, I would have been as red as my favorite school socks.

“Hello, did you hear…..”

“HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!” I snapped on my side of the line as I cut him mid sentence.

My blood was boiling, and I was mostly embarrassed if anything else, that he would have the audacity to publicly announce he’s weird love for me. (But in today’s tinder age, how sexy would that be to have such a proclamation?:D Now its all rumors and ghosting )

Anyway, I gave him, what I believe, was the first tongue lashing i’d ever given any mand 😀 and the next week at school, I opened my locker to find a little hand made note saying sorry from him.

I read it, sighed and proceeded to throw it in the garbage because the changing hormones activated my bih mode too early and life want in his favor 😀 but he did try again twice 😀 so maybe they do like the crazies.



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