“Why did you leave me?”


He had been sitting on the dilapidated couch next to the window when I walked into my neighbors house.

As was customary, her place was filled to the brim with people, but today the people all seemed to surround him rather than pay attention to her.

He was dark, had round white eyes that spoke of worlds, and a smile that I was sure had left every girl feeling like they could be his wife. He, was the perfect distraction.

My years in university were then coming to a close, and I was determined to squeeze every last ounce of partying out of it, that is where my neighbor came in.

You see, throughout my years in the institution, I managed to be seen but not to be known. Once I was done with the hard bit, I made the decision to take my neighbor up on her offer to come join her and her friends for a drink.

So the drinks flowed and I mingled with those I saw, never quiet paying him any attention other than to say a quick hello.

More people came and more people left and when midnight struck, I decided to retire to my bed.

As I walked out, he, still sitting on the couch with his friend, glanced my way, and I smiled, leaving him alone with his gaze.

The morning had me being woken up by a knock on my bedroom window as my neighbor called me over for breakfast. She, I would later find out, was very much an ‘in your face’ type of girl but that was something I didn’t quiet mind, at least for that time.

So I rolled out of bed and into my pajamas, wore my sandals and groggily walked over to her house, and their, on the couch, sat Pete.

“Good morning!” he said, flashing his magnanimous smile at me.

“Hey.” I said, sitting on the bed in the living room before he casually asked me to join him on the couch.

We started chatting as the rest of the house woke up to the smell of grease and bacon and as we talked, we got lost in our own sauce.

He shared stories of his travels around the world and his endless amount of friends and moments that only the rich seemed to have, and I took it all in wishing I had traveled more or at least was born into the Knowles family 😀 .

Breakfast was had and the drinks began to flow again and our conversation went on into the afternoon. It seemed like the best of times then, and it probably was, or rather he probably was.

I retired back to my place later on that evening to shower and have some me time, when he knocked on my door and asked to join me for a while.

He was a mystery, but a mystery I seemed to crave. He had the demeanor of someone so outgoing and it surprised me  to find out that he too loved the sweetness of not being in the spotlight just like I  did.

He told me of the troubles of the rich, of the endless amount of siblings his father seemed to bring, he told me of dark moments I couldn’t believe and of moments that spoke to me. Was it all real, I would ask my inner being as he spoke, or was it all fantasy?

The night went on and it reached that point where I asked him where he would sleep that night and he said, “I don’t sleep……… ghosts haunt my dreams.”

This, instantly melted my heart for it felt like I knew him from more then just our short past, so I invited him to stay and talk, letting his mind go and trusting in our bond.


We had fallen asleep talking, but I had woken up before him, and for a few seconds I watched him sleeping next to me. He was at peace, so fragile like a new born in spring, and I gently released his had from around me and tip toed to the living room to let him catch up on his sleep.

It had only seemed like a few seconds had passed when I had him scream. A scream so shrill I ran back to him.

I found him sitting up on the bed, breathing heavily, sweating and holding his chest when he looked at me with fear was in his eyes and asked, “Why did you leave me?”

His voice broke my heart and I held him in my arms.

He was a gentle soul that I loved, briefly yes, it had been but just a few months, but it taught me that a love so deep and unflawed cannot withstand the hold of a family with so much gold.


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