” You, you need to check your Facebook asap, I think you’ve been hacked!”


I met Chris in a little estate around the place I used to stay when I was younger.

He, for me, was nothing special, and rumor has it that I was a b**ch back then even though I wasn’t the popular chick who would get all the boys drooling. 😀

But still he had tried time and time again to use my sister as an avenue to me but unfortunately for him, this never worked. The years passed and his persistence continued to prevail when finally, I gave in to dating him during the break between high school and getting into university.


It is at this point I feel I must interject to share that when I say date, I am implying that I would still leave my options open.

I mean, I was a cute but weird young kid who penned poetry with fantasies of finding my one true love, but most importantly, I had not agreed to any type of relationship, lets just get that clear.


But coming back to the trigger happy chappie,  we did what anyone our age did those days, we went on ‘dates’ by walking around the estates behind the blocks where no one could see or we would go to the near by Pizza-Inn for a slice and Coca-Cola mixed with the devils juice.  It was all basic but romantic for the times and it seemed to suit me just fine 😀 (I need to see my life)

So this was the case for a few weeks, when one sunny morning, I met this cute Tanzanian chap at my cousins house. It was all magic at first site with the delusions of a stupid child.  It was tasty.

He would text or email because he was fancy like that and I would daydream of nonsense and poppycock for days after 😀 Think of  La La Land and roses being thrown in the air, that was what it felt like.

So I was now fully emerged in the dating world, as was my intention. Doing my thing, being a cool chick, feeling like I was one of the girls who run the world and sh*t, when exiting a class one afternoon I found missed calls and messages from basically everyone.

Instantly, I thought someone had died ( I was a bit dramatic back then 😀 ) so tears were already forming  when my sisters text came in, ” You, you need to check your Facebook asap, I think you’ve been hacked!”

I breathed a sigh of relief and quickly rushed to my account and lo and behold (yap we’re taking the lingua back 😀 ) little old Chris had hacked into my sh*t.

There, for the world to see, were posts where he was going ape bananas, talking about betrayal this and why that, describing, very graphically, the things I must be doing to the other chap. It was basically soft porn with a touch of gossip girl mixed into one 😀 It was Armageddon in a glance.

Scrolling through the erotic tales, it harshly clicked in my head that all my relatives in the world were on that freaking account and I briefly wondered why he couldn’t have just hacked the secret one.

I hurriedly took to deleting all my accounts trying not to shat my pants when again up pops another message on my screen , ” How does it feel to be betrayed? I loved you, I still do, I forgive you and I still want to be with you….” and I paused, first to thank the lord for giving me the armo I needed to dump his ass but also to mentally note down that I need to upgrade my security and sh*t lest this happens to be again 😀


Welcome to a new series inspired by a title I was working on **Men are B**ches* which needed more than just a chapter.

Its all about dating, mating and elevating. I hope you enjoy 😀


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