They Call Me :Meadow

Winter seemed to have come and stayed, and I was simply its prey.

I traveled the lonely road, often finding solace in the old. You see my sweet song, as the night would fall, and my eyes would close, I drifted off.

Drifted into a slumber filled with the warmth of summer. Of the sun on my skin, his hands around me and the vague taste of cigarettes on his lips. I drifted to a time when I felt complete.

I was unusual as a child you see. Grew up with the devil between my thighs and a mama who feared for my life. As she would pray over my flesh each day and night, all I saw was the sweet freedom of the open road that called with each sigh.

So the years passed and I finally found sweet home on the road at last. Yes, my sweet song, sweet home that always seemed not to last long. But even as the liquor seduced me and their freedom carried me, I couldn’t help but pray for my sins just like mama had made me.

You see, winter seemed to have come and my lips seemed to miss his sweet tongue and even as I laid their bare, letting the night air carry me there, still I prayed to thee,

“Father forgive me you see, I know you approve not of these thoughts inside me, but I must be, yes be with this sweet release, as I wait for his sweet summer to come and carry me.”



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