The White Factor

I had heard of the series ‘The Crown’ sometime back and with the high ratings and talk about town that followed after, I finally gave in this year to continue it after starting the first episode a while back.

So there I was on episode 2 right, 1 minute in ‘The future Queen’ says:

“bla bla bla….little more than 50 years ago, Nairobi was a savage place….”

Lets stop there.

A savage place, eh?

I like how history seems to favor white people.

I mean, they were the smart ones and we were the savages shatting where we eat, right? They created this and that but always in the back ground there seemed to be nigga assistant who didn’t know any better huh?

I like how religion favors the whites too. I mean the savior of all sins, the son to the Most High, Hesus, has the same holy hue. I like it alot.

Imagine a world where this was never introduced into our culture, I wonder if we would think differently of ourselves? But coming back to reality….

The camera zooms to ‘Nairobi folk’ and I stop again.


With all the time that has passed by, you would think white people (and yes, do not worry, I know not all are bad so calm your extremities down) would at least know to manufacture culture better, seeing they stole most of it.

To the creators of ‘The Crown’…not that you care who I am but ahhhhh no one in Nairobi looks like that! Well, unless they came from South Africa on holiday but i digress!The balls on some people….

Secondly with how y’all are so fond of Maasais and seem to believe that they are the only tribe we have(and I guess Kalenjins cause of the running *rolls eyes*), you would think that the costumes would be better, no? I’m sure most of those that visit on holiday have the ‘get up’ somewhere, so you could just borrow that shat 😀 but i digress again!

The worst part of it all is not that white people continue to do this, but its that African people tolerate it.

I read an article that said it was understandable as to why the scene’s were shot in SA. Okay, fine. I’m actually glad we have strict laws on this and I suggest we add this little clause that says ‘if you cannot portray us well then do not do it at all!’…. but at least they will always have SA to fall back on.

Anyway, the article then proceeded to blow poppy cock up white peoples asses praising how well the scenes were executed bla bla bla fart.

We (yes I too sometimes fall into this bracket so relax, we all ain’t perfect) , as African people are so colonized in the mind that we always seem to give white people a pass and take whatever they spew as truth, come rain come nonsense.

Example: There was this guy. Now this guy thought he knew everything.

I would tell this guy stuff, and most of the stuff came from the philosophy of African minds. I shared with him my two cents and he would dismiss what I would say with some obscure fact that I doubt he understood.

Now this is all fine and dandy when its banter, but my problem was that he would often come to me a few days or weeks later with the same information I shared with him but now he took it as truth because it came from a white person.

The kicker was when I told him something vital one day, he came with some video a few days later saying how I should watch it, the message is bla bla bla fart.

So I sat my ass down, put the video on and two things came to mind:

  • This b**ch is saying the same shat I told this nigga a few days ago


  • Ohhhhhhhhhh its cause she white *rolls eyes*

Once the video ended he smiled with a level of satisfaction that made it all the sweeter to extinguish that flame.

When did it all get so fudged up?

In the end, I deleted the series and the friend. I chose instead to make some tea because it’s never that serious.

The white factor will always be a b**ch but like my b**ch we will learn to live with it and love it a bit more everyday.





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