Dating is a B**CH

You know what, i absolutely hate dating, it is the b**ch of all b**ches and here is why.

You meet this being that knows nothing about you but after a few minutes of them passing judgments (often then not in their heads) , they proceed to tell you what is good for you by saying something like, i am bad for you, or i know what you need and it is not me, yet you just met them a minute ago!

I find it funny how a complete stranger can claim to know whats. If that would be the case then one is made to that the stranger lived that said life waaaaaayyyyy before the individual who is living that life ever knew it existed.

To assume that one would know whats good for the other without spending sufficient time with the person is complete poppy cock. They say it takes close to 5 years for an individual to develop repeated tendencies but it also takes the same amount of time for said individual to evolve to their next higher self, so how would one draw judgments on something that is not constant?

We often put assumptions on people thinking that we are protecting them, more so men then women, but that is my opinion. This can be clearly seen during the dating period. Think of all the excuses you have been given to stop the process. I can name a few:

  • I’ll ruin you
  • I don’t think its  good idea for this to happen ,i’m no good
  • Trust me I know what’s best
  • You deserve better than me
  • I didn’t want to break you…………………I didn’t want to break you? What sort of forkery is that!

I hate when men assume I am a weak little flower that will die if they speak the truth to me. I never understood that thought process to be honest and to justify lying with it in an effort to make me take on the guilt is even worse.

By the way what is this I’m no good for you thing? Did guys send a text to each other saying we shall now fool them with this fokery lol 😀 I don’t get it. Again women aren’t as weak as men may think but also why do men think they are the only ones that do ‘bad’ things?

And the way they say bad you would think they’ve robbed a bank or something only to find that one drunken night they pissed on the side of the road 😀 calm your balls down is what I say.

Women do ‘bad’ things, we just know how to put our crazy in a cute little box, with a  deep red bow (color choice varies from crazy to crazy 😀 ) tucked away in the back of our closets only to come out when the crazy needs to be released, or I’m the only free sprinted female around?

Anyway, yeah i don’t value dating anymore. It would seem everyone has created these fables of who a person is before they even meet them and that, to me, defeats the whole point of dating.

…but then again I still love my b**ch so may one day i’ll give it a shot.


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