Menstruation is a B**CH

Okay calm down oh ye who will go hard on me and tell me that menstruation is a lovely part of being a woman bla bla bla …i know that already but come on, lets be open about it, it can be a B**ch!

I sometimes fail to understand how for the first few weeks in a month i am Queen Sheeba , the mysterious wondorous wonder woman the world has ever seen then out of nowhere, and yes i mean nowhere all hell breaks lose.

For me it all start with the why am i alone syndrome where the world seems to be aganist me and the sight of a fly dying tears me to pieces. At this point i am looking for affection and attention which then leads me to men who, quiet frankly, i probably shouldnt give the time of day. All because of my menstruation goggles.

The worst thing is when you go off the handle with vulnerability and psychotic i love you i hate you emotions you can see it all happening as it happens. For me its like an out of body experience where I am shouting STOP but my evil twin just goes in for the kill and by the time i get back to my subconscious self, God, the blood has been spilt and the tendrils are scattered for all to see.

Granted at that point i should probably be remorseful but when you come to think of it with all the things guys put us through,i think they deserve those few days of being put in check.

Why might you ask? well *evil smile* that’s a subject for another day.

As i was saying, menstruation is a b**ch. If its not the off the handle emotions, talk about bloating 101. Now for a guy bloating is just another beer belch away but for a woman , OMG, its like the end of times.

You go from your clothes fitting you like a glove to looking like you are about to pop out at the seams. Its uncomfortable not to mention irritating but i will say there is an upside to all of this.

*Please note this is a TMI moment but it must be shared :D*

The best part about it, its a release like no other.

To put it in terms you will understand, imagine you’re getting all bloated and you desperately need to fart lol, that release you get from doing the business, its something like that but 10x better.

You end up coming out of it feeling refreshed, revitalized and for some skinner (less bloated) than when you went in 😀

But that’s just me lol before and after that i can say i love it like i love my main b**ch, all day every day 😀 but when winter comes, hibernation is my best.




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