Openness is a B**CH

You ever find yourself, when the silence is deafening and even though you have great peace, sometimes deep within, it would feel okay if someone gave you the level of love, respect, openness as you would them?


I understand in this sordid life of ours to expect such from anyone is a dream but when did we as society, as ‘intelligent beings’, when did we become so self involved.

I hear a lot, that if you just keep putting yourself out there as pure love you will get it returned to you, but i think this was a farce created by those beings who wanted to have love, respect, and the like given to them unconditionally without them having to deplete themselves.

As a child i was always a social free spirit but life taught me that such things only leave you open to hurt and as much as i’d love to be that again, for me, there is truly no-one who i could trust like that anymore.

Sad, maybe but i can live with being alone more then i can live with the uncertainty that there are some humans who are worth it.

But then again maybe i am the one who was put here too soon or is it too late……the silence can be deafening, but what do i know lol……. so i talk to God only to find even they have checked out my motel so what now…..



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