Loves a B**CH

When did love become so hard ……


Every now and then this question pops into my mind as I have wishful thoughts of the ice cream i should have bought as i watch another crappy rom-com and cry my eyes out , i wonder, when did love get so damn hard.


I have to some extent resided myself to the  fact that in this day and age some people are just meant to be alone, myself included but if we are to believe in the universe, God and what not then wouldn’t those beings that created all that lives have the decency to give everyone a companion that fit them as they should?

I love love and at the same time i hate it. I find that there is no truth in it anymore and its nothing more then an obscure fable that was passed down generations in an attempt to keep the earth populated. But then again i’m just in one of my moods so what do i know.


It would seem no matter what you do, no matter what you say, no matter how much you change or evolve, there is no longer truth in love. Be it an intimate one or that of friendship people have lost their truth. People seem to present their lies as truth in an attempt to use or misuse an individual for their own selfish needs.

We no longer have people who can offer love in its purest form even when you do everything in your power to offer them that in return. some how some way people will always find a way ……

When did companionship, friendship, love, when did it all become hard ……but then again maybe i’m the problem because no truly ever picks me in the end so maybe i’m the one who is hard to love.

In the end though, if i am to say ‘Love is a B**ch’ and i am to use the term correctly, i would have to say:

  • Love is a female dog
  • and if that is the case i Love dogs
  • and i have a female dog, so in the end i love love even though its a B**ch like my dog

That will be all.




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