Philippians 2:14-15

“Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that no one can criticize you.”

We as humans have a tendency to excuse our own mistakes while we accuse others of theirs.

This is not becoming a sermon page so don’t sweat the small stuff lol just sharing some thoughts I had from the above verse. (It would seem my ‘bible study’ is a bit all over the place lol but bear with me here)


The above phrase is from a happiness habit I have been trying to practice for close to 3 years now.

You could say my walk in spirituality helped mold me into understanding that if i believe in the universe working in my favor, or what some would say is absolute faith in the most high, then certain things that cause negative reactions in us are actually not that big compared to the overall scenario that is taking place. Or is it easier to just say the small stuff is just clearing the way for the BIG? Anyway….

Let me explain.

I recently read that there are four types of complainers:


  • Postive people: “Good morning , Lord!”
  • Whiners: “Good Lord, it’s morning!”


  • “Nobody appreciated me” (Pity Poppers)


  • “Why Bother. It isn’t going to make a difference.”


  • “Is that the best you can do.” (The Cynics)

Which one do you fall under?

In some shape or form I went through all this scenarios with a friend the other day and I witnessed as they went through the same thing.

Context: They were trying to control the situation based on their past (small loses) and I, at first, tried to mitigate their thoughts in a different direction in an effort to show them , what i thought, was a better way. But they, I soon found, were stuck in the small loses.

They were filled with the facts of life, but what is the point of knowing everything when you cannot apply it but simple regurgitate it?

Here, I mean, they seemed to be so hangover the small loses covering them up in facts that they didn’t seem to grasp that they thought by creating the scenarios they drew up in their mind, and ensuring they stirred the moment towards that, they would be able to essentially play God.

But because i wasn’t acting how they envisioned (free will is a fickle snitch) they began, in a way, to blame me for the outcome (small loses) which was obviously not in their favor because one cannot control free will.

So the question is: if they took the small loses as a ‘I tried it my way’ (free will) moment and literally said ‘take the wheel, (Jesus)’ would they have experienced the same thing but in a BIG way that would have led them to the path they envisioned?


It makes the ‘take the wheel Jesus’ phrase make sense now huh…..


…..does that make sense? lol i don’t know, i could just be daydreaming too 😀


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