As he stood, the world shook.

My body called out to his with an intensity I had never felt within. He straightened his shirt, picked up his phone and headed for the door.

No final goodbye, just a back for me to watch, and so he walked on as my heart froze. Froze in time, begging for me to take it all back just because. Froze in time hoping that all was not lost among the lies.

He walked as images that once lived flashed through my mind looking for a moment that could save this in time. He walked as tears silently crept down my face as I acted brave, ha brave, even though that was not quite the case.

He stopped at the door and in that instance I thought maybe I should not go at it alone. But what is alone, if I was to follow all that I’ve known?

He stopped at the door and my body begged, begged me to stop. Stop the madness, she called and just go with what was known. But the words shot so clearly in front of my thoughts as that that is unknown unclothed: ‘If you love something you shall let it go”.

And so I fought back with control hoping that if he did love he would find home once more.

He stopped at the door, the crack of the door rang into my soul, should I give him a hug then I thought but he was already gone before I could finish my final thought.

With two steps out the door I instantly broke down from what i’d lost.


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