Part One

As the rain began to pour and Harry contemplated what the general had said, he looked back at his wife and daughter sitting in the car behind him and slowly he began to weep.


He had met the beautiful Anna close to two years ago in Russia right before the war ended. There love, I believed, was one that would have been ordinary if not for the situation at hand. What was that situation at hand you ask?

Well to put it bluntly, she worked for the enemy and he made a living killing them.


“Bloody hell Harry, did you hear what i just said…. You have to kill her now Harry, it’s the only way your daughter won’t end up an orphan.”


A couple of months  after their encounter in the field, the war ended and they got married in a little town outside Saint Petersburg and just like the movies, their little marisol arrived.

Yes, the war was over  but the paranoia had never left.

While love bloomed, word had gotten out that a few of the Russian sleeper agents in America had been activated and the truce that had been was just but a ploy for an attack that would come in the following months. And as the dice rolled all eyes landed on Anna as intel confirmed she was one of the activated.


“Snap out of it Harry! Do it now before they get here.”


Harry rushed to his car, took out Anna and pointed the gun at her face and right before he pulled the trigger, just as Anna mouthed that she loved him always I knew I couldn’t remain hidden anymore.


“STOP! For Christs sake stop all of this!.”


“Mata? What…how…I”


“Anna my darling will you ever forgive me?” I implored of her “I know it’s been years and to meet you under such circumstances…I …you…Anna will you forgive me?


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