Part One

I had gotten the call in the wee hours of the morning from dispatch to head down to the local church that Tuesday for what I presumed was a case.

Glancing at my wife’s side of the bed subconsciously as I maneuvered about getting ready to leave, I remembered she would be at the hospital finishing up her rounds before we headed out of town for our mini vacation.

Asha, was a pediatric surgeon whose love for children and life had prompted me to pop the question two years ago. Knowing full well that I would never be able to give her kids of her own, she said yes  and that’s when I fell into her more than I ever had before.

Pulling up to the entrance of the church, I made a mental note to pop by with some breakfast for her later on that morning once I was done with all the madness. In front of me was a lull of paramedics, cops and media who all stood behind the yellow tape as if they were waiting on something.

As I got out of the car my partner, Jabari, ran up to me.

“Ndale, my man…..uh what are you doing here?”

“What do you mean what am I doing here! I was called in for what seems to be the biggest case of the year…… So tell me, is it the serial killer?”

In our little town of Blueby, the most we detectives ever had to deal with was the occasional wife battery cases or the missing loaf of bread down at the diner. But two months ago, the body of a young man was found raped, stabbed and his genitals wrapped in barbed wire with a similar case sprouting up a few weeks later.

The media by then had gotten a whiff of what was going on and had now termed the serial killer ‘The Barby Murderer” which seemed to not only scare the towns people but also agitate the chief.

“Ndale I need to…”

Jabari seemed to be stalling and seeing that I wanted in on this case just as much as he did, I pushed past him and through the crowd.

“Ndale for heavens sake hold up!” but by the time he got to my side it was too late.

At the pulpit, limbs nailed to the cross, barbed wire wrapped around the pelvic region in a lewd manner, breasts severed off, was my wife Asha.



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