Extract from Interviews: Liana


Interview with: Liana

Age: 5 years old

Gender: Female

Location: B-9 Police Station

Interviewer: Rachel Smith (Lead Psychologist)



(Click, click)

Liana, I’d like to talk to you about Nalia.

Oh, Nalia is my best friend! She buys me red sweets and lets me play hide and seek and when we are scared she takes me to our hiding tree.

Can you tell me where this special place…hiding tree is?

I normally don’t know.

When he comes, she takes me away and I never know where until she removes her hands and I see, then poof, just like that, she disappears.

Where does she disappear too Liana? Who is he?

The special tree smells like the woods when it rains and there is always a fire that illuminates. She has to go back to the cave so that he notices I’ve not gone away.

It may be a cave I don’t know but Nalia likes to sing about it when he…..

When he what’s Liana? It’s okay I won’t tell.


Curiosity killed the cat and those who pry will get the cut.

Liana, what does that mean? Nalia said the same thing…..

He wrote that on the wall


Who’s he? Do you mean Biko?

Is he the one you run away from?




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