Part Three

I ran up the stairs and into the bedroom locking the door behind me.

As I began to sprinkle sea salt I could hear them fiddle with the door knob downstairs. My hands were shaking, my heartbeat was none existent and as I precisely made the gestures that I was instructed to, I felt like this scene was all too familiar.

As long as I could remember my memories as a baby never faded as they did for many people who were now my age.

To this day I can still remember Bow singing me and my brother to sleep on the first day home to when she held me high up in the air and span me around and around as the afternoon golden sun seemed to make everything around us glitter like gold. I remembered everything.

On one such afternoon, Bow was preparing our snacks and my brother, Harlow, was out in the back yard playing with the dog when the doorbell rang.

I remember being mesmerized by the rays as I sat at the kitchen table, not more than 5 years old, when the sun seemed to disappear and darkness began to envelope everything.

Outside, the dog began barking and I heard my brother scream while in the other direction I had a crash come from the sitting room followed by an eerie silence.

I remember my heartbeat stop and my palms began to shiver like it was a winters day. I remember the shadow come inside the house and eat up every ounce of light left. I remember choking and the air being so dense I could barely take it in.

But most of all I remember Bows scent and her touching the center of my forehead. I remember feeling like lighting had struck me then everything went black.

As I heard them burst through the front door and I completed the gestures and phrases, there was a bright flash as the moonstone burnt bright and then, everything went dark.


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