Part Two

As a child, I can always remember feeling like someone was always by my side. You could even say that feeling never really left me it just took a back seat.

Now when I say this I don’t mean like my mum who died during my birth or my disillusioned bother who turned to drugs earlier in life, rather it felt like some imaginary friend I couldn’t get off my back.

It all started on that cloudy night back in 3333. I, to the horror of many in town, was born during the red moon on the 3rd cycle.

Bow, the nurse who came to be I and my brother’s caregiver, always talked about how my mother smiled as she held me in her arms that night. She regaled tales of how she brushed my cheek and kissed my forehead and how with her last dying breath she whispered something in my ear only we could hear.

I, unfortunately, do not remember this. But every now and then I could feel her finger brush my cheek when the universe seemed to have fallen out of sync.

Then, strange things started to happen as the years went by. From waking up at 3 am for months on end to having the wind grab my leg out of bed. Strange things were happening but Bow always blamed it on my active imagination even though her eyes said otherwise.

With time, I strayed from religious things and got lost in trying to be part of a society that seemed to be watching my every step and that was when I met Craig.

“Willow, we need you to listen to what we have to say very carefully. You have but seconds before they catch you so we don’t have time to waste. Understood?”



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