Part One

Signing for the package, the delivery man looked around anxiously as he handed me the beautiful bouquet of red roses and a golden box that glistened in the gloomy night.

It had been a while since Craig had sent me flowers seeing that he was stuck in the Himalayas for another six months shooting some documentary or the other. But knowing that it was my birthday today, I had been waiting for a gift from him all day.

I undid the bow on the golden box and underneath the red lace inside, lay a moonstone necklace with a thin golden string that was so fine, I thought it would come undone with just the slightest touch. It was beautiful.

I ran to the mirror enamored by it and gently lay it on my neck. As the string met my melanated skin, the stone shone orange for a second and my eyes followed suit. It was beautiful.

Now, I won’t lie, Craig has his moments but this one took the cake. I dialed his number as I stared in the mirror and gently stroked the stone with my right index finger.

“Baby, it’s so good to hear your voice! How are you?” He answered on the second ring.

“Oh Craig, thank you for the gift it truly is beautiful! I absolutely love it!”


As his voice trailed off there was a knock on the door.

I told Craig I would call him back in a second and as I walked towards the door the moonstone started to feel warm against my skin and the next thing I heard was a voice say my name, “Willow, stop.”




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