Part Three

Deja: The Ministers Daughter

As I felt the metal penetrate deeper and deeper into my skull I knew I had taken it too far.

Chad was a spoilt brat from high school who tried everything he could to get me and I loved it.

The way he watched me, followed me around like a puppy, he was the thing that every girl drooled over but he only drooled over me.

When I first saw him at the freshman mixer, all the memories came back and for a moment I was glad he was here.

For me, Chad represented a form of entertain that broke the monotonous role my parents forced onto me from the time I could say my first words.  He excited me with his obsession and maybe you could say, he was mine as well.

So when we made our stop at the petrol station and I saw that stupid boy checking me out, I saw it as an opportunity to spice things up but I didn’t think he would go off the handle.

All I wanted to do was to rile him up and watch him get hot under the collar. I wanted to see his anger and have him put me in my place. I wanted my parents to hear about it and rack their brains. I wanted……




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