Part One

Jerry: Petrol Station Clerk

My job at the petrol station left a lot to be desired.

Think about it, a small town where everyone knows everyone, life just seemed to blend together. So, for entertainment purposes, I turned to the numerous people that flooded our station on their way to the city.

I was stacking up the gum dispensary earlier that Wednesday, wondering what goodies I could sneak out of the joint, when in walked a young couple.

The girl, who I assumed must have been the popular type in high school, was mesmerizing.

Her red hair that glistened in the sun, her freckled face and body that could only have been sculpted by numerous rounds in the gym, left me reconsidering my stand on red heads. But far from that, there was something about her that seemed so familiar, but I couldn’t quiet place my finger on it.

While she was a rare beauty, her boyfriend, who held her waist and tucked her hair behind her ear when it got in her face, was even more mesmerizing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all types of straight, but he had the type of face that belonged in a GQ magazine and a frame that could only be found at a 300 movie set.

You could say such couples, for me, were the type I dreamt of but never got a chance to be a part of.

Anyway, she excused herself to go to the bathroom and from the look on his face he hated to be away from her. He hovered outside the door, glancing ever so slightly in my direction as I pretended to be engulfed with the gum dispensary, when she finally came out.

They had a brief discussion before he handed her some money to get tampons which, she presented to me at the till a minute later.

In the background, I could see her boyfriend quickly getting their snacks and rushing back just as I was putting the paper she slipped me under the counter.

I watched intently as he sniffed her neck and as I finished scanning their purchases I wondered,

would she would let me sniff her neck if I called her later in the day?

He placed his hand back on her waist and led her out the door as she looked back at me which only got me more excited.

Speeding away in his blue BMW, I finally mastered the courage to take out the paper which read: Call this number. 9027666574932, my name is Deja. This man has kidnapped me, PLEASE HELP!

….and that’s when it hit me!

She was the daughter to The Minister of National Defense, Gregory Mandly.



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