Part Two

The day I found them, all else ceased to exist and that day begun my journey into madness.

“Do you, Jessica take Jorge to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

Maria loved weddings.

I remember when it was us up there. The sun gleamed briefly in her eyes, her skin sparkled and her smile always left me weak.

My Maria.

Was I at fault for wanting to provide the best for my family?

Sure, the Mateo brothers were no cupcakes. Many would say that like their father, they possessed the charm to have you agree to your own death with just the blink of the eye.

But even so, couldn’t the saints just give me another chance since I had technically shed my old ways?

Do you Jorge take Jessica to be your lawfully wedded wife….”

I remember hearing once of someone lucky punto who was able to escape and lead a normal life. Farfetched as it may have seemed, I thought I would be just as lucky.

But as they say no one leaves the mob not even Punto Muerto.

(click, click)



The look on Jorge’s face as Jessica fell to her death gave away nothing.

He looked down at her stone faced. Her blood spluttered across his face, he gently laid a kiss on her lifeless lips laid her body down and as he turned his head to the left he smiled and that’s when we heard the second shot and saw him go down.


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