Part One

She looked gorgeous in her white wedding dress as her father smiled adoringly back at her.

Before this, I never even knew she existed. I had been watching them for the past two months now and their schedule never seemed to change.

They lived such ordinary lives it was a wonder as to how, her husband, the one they called Punto Muerto, had been such a success years before.

You see, two years ago, I too was in the same position.

I had a lovely wife who blessed me with three children and a beautiful house in the suburbs that left many in envy. I was friends with the who is who in town and had my dream cars parked in all their glory on the drive way for all those who doubted me to see.

But one day as I was going through my business, clearing my tracks and planning to go legit for my family sake, there was a hit put out on me but instead of taking me out, they broke me in far worse ways.

I had gone to the golf club that afternoon after clearing what needed to be, and having had such a successful end to a life I had loved for so many years I decide to head home early, make love to my beautiful wife and relish in the future dreams that we had.

As I walked in through the wooden swing doors, red roses in hand, everything seemed to come to a halt when the scene in front of me registered. There under the sparkling chandelier, between the two cascading marble stairs was my family, laid out for death and all his friends to share.


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