“Oh wow, are these for Maggie?” Becky, the young cashier that worked at our local farmers market asked him.

He winced at her voice and I could tell she was a bit more chipper than usual for him today. This moment, right here, was the reason why he had avoided going out all week and it was a miracle he had agreed to come with me today.

Are these for the Maggie?

See, Alex has had this stick up his butt because of all the red hearts everywhere and the silly advertisements every five minutes that went something like “to find your mate dial blab bla bla”.

Granted, it all started after the incident, but we all hoped by now he would have been better.

Are these for Maggie!

If you knew Alex back then, you could argue that his new outlook on life was because of that.

Like for example how he was now in the habit of strongly believing that “Valentine’s Day” was simply a sham. He would say women use Valentine ’s Day as a chance to parade their partner’s affection to their single friends, who, in truth, they really felt sorry for.

As for the men, well he would say “men empty every cent they have in hopes of beating out the competition and landing that lucky babs only to have their heart, wallets and future stomped on by them! if, of course, you had the nerve to ask him.

“Earth to Alex? Hey, are you there “

“Sorry Becky…No, they are not for HER.”

Are these for Maggie….

“…and not that it’s any of your business but THEY ARE FOR ME.”

“Okay! Sorry I asked.”

Becky said giving me the “is he okay” look.

“Oh, Oh what’s that look for, huh?” He said rolling his eyes, “Are these for Maggie? Haven’t you heard? Seeing you like to be in everyone’s business and all!”

“Hasn’t she heard Frank what her PRECIOUUUSSS Maggie did?”

He always looked at me with eyes that needed to be saved but moments like now, his fists spoke of revenge.

“Alex, hey, relax!”

I said grabbing a hold of his fragile body as he collapsed into tears.

“Are these for Maggie….[sniff]….[sniff]……your precious Maggie left me at the altar.” And with that he pushed me away, picked up his white roses and groceries and headed for the car.



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