Abby G, Actress

My eyes were still adjusting to the light after our session with Gia, when I realized she was standing right in front of me. Her red hair lay effortlessly on her shoulders and her emerald eyes sparkled with an intense fire that drew me in.

“Are you okay?” she asked placing her hand on my shoulder.

“Ye…yes…..the session just took me to another place that’s all.”

I went over and sat next to Alia. She was looking as confused as I felt but more tense then everyone else.

Crickets, what does it mean?

I noticed the shift in the atmosphere as well. Compared to the frazzle energy that our usual instructor, Fern, exudes through-out the theatre, it was now calm and controlled.

I could see why Alia was threatened by her. Not only was she beautiful, she also had this ‘je ne sais quoi’ way about her that was hard for anyone not to want to be closer to her energy.

“Thank you all for opening up to me, for opening up to the Mother and for being true with yourselves.” Gia said as she begun to pack her things to leave.

Her words stayed in the air creating an illusion of peace that we all seemed to thrive in but even so, my mind was still reeling after the session.

Alia stood and escorted her out and Fern went on with the class.


Once class was done, I walked home with Andrea in an effort to find out what she truly thought about the class and the infamous Gia. Word on the street was that Bojo, her boyfriend, was smitten with the mystic teacher and Alia had brought her to class in an effort to check out the competition.

We had walked for close to ten minutes in an unnerving silence when I decided to break the ice.

“Wasn’t Gia amazing?”

She was.

She was everything Bojo said and more. But I don’t understand, why her? Why can’t it be another?

She said nothing.

We continued walking when again I broke the silence, “You know when we were meditating and she was leading us through it, I could swear I started to float and the little crickets began to sing.” I chuckled nervously.

Crickets…… she heard them too.

“I’m not saying that I physically floated or that I was hallucinating when I heard the crickets but……I’m just saying it felt like an out of body experience. Didn’t you feel it too?”

I did!

I looked at her slim face for a sign of, well, anything really, but she looked ahead lost in thought when suddenly she stopped.

“I’m sorry Ashley I have to go…..I need to get closer……I need…I have to go. Sorry.” And off she went in the opposite direction.

I wouldn’t be able to tell you what she may have been thinking but after that day, I heard that she left Bojo and started having one on one sessions with Gia a few months before she died.


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