Part Two


It can’t be she thought. She had only two hours before Eyodi, the flower man, came to collect, and if she did not deliver, death would be her new friend. Retracing her memory she crossed the street, grabbed a cab and headed to the shop owners house a few blocks away.

She banged on the yellow door.

“Hello, is anybody home.”

Out emerged the shop owners twelve year old son, “Trick or treat?” he said with a cheeky smile on his face.

Damnit she thought, as much as she loved Halloween, now was not the time for games.

“How about I give you a nice big treat and you tell me where your father is.” She half smiled back at him hoping that he would play along.

He nodded and the little boy led her and Whisper to the convenient store next door. He already knew what he wanted and went straight to  picking a little stuffed tiger from the cashiers counter top. She paid for the item and as they walked back to the house with the yellow door he said,”I am sorry but if you are looking for father, go to the cemetery, follow the black crow; she shall lead you to him.”


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