Part One


A spell of rainy weather always seemed to be hanging over HighKeep all year round, but that never seemed to deter its inhabitants. What the city folk called the town of hippies, Astrid saw as home.

Having lived in Valmoor all her life, HighKeep, the little town 30 km north of the city, drew her in with its mystical scenes and peaceful beings. But on days like today, she had no time to enjoy the scenery as she walked with Whisper, her one year old black and white Shih Tzu, to the flower shop just down the street.

“We’ve got to hurry Whisper otherwise we shall miss the flower man and we know what will happen when we miss the flower man.” she said, pulling on the leash as she rushed down the street looking at herself in the passing store windows, “We know what will happen.”

Covering her crimson hair with her jacket hoodie to protect her face from the light drizzle she made the turning to the flower shop and was hit with a big red EVICTED sign plastered on the door.

She stopped transfixed by the door.




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